Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Reading Tao, Hoyazo (one wordy, and Iggy is enough to kill at least half a day at work. BTW it's great to the Iggy back at GuinnessandPoker. His blog was the first that started me on my way to becoming a very unproductive office worker/IT a good way though. I am going to be haunting the 'Mookie' tonight...and probably the Second Chance as well. See if I can avoid an Hoyazo suck out special...I remember this one from a WPBT event last year (not that it was a suck out per se..but one of the worst beats ever online). I have the next couple of days to Donk it up down at Foxwoods starting tomorrow night.....yeahaahahaaa! Did anybody see this....I know I've posted the link already but DAMN!

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