Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lucky Charms

So I've been playing way over my head lately.......as some of you may have noticed. I wasn't getting any points in the BBT. I wasn't cashing in any of the Blogger/Blonkey/Blonkaments that I play with regularity recently. I played STT's for a while (with some great success on PokerStars for some reason). I played a hell of a lot of NL Hold'em MTT's for 11.00 and less on PokerStars, UltimateBet, Party Poker, Paradise Poker, and Full Tilt with some small cashes but no final tables (where the real cash is). Sure I could place high in some of the WPBT events...still no cash. I could cash once in a while in the WWdN : NLHE weekly but no wins either. I started taking notes in the past few months (I noticed some of the better MTTers like Lucko and Hoyazo-see today's post by him take detailed notes)....it seemed to help a bit. I read HoH volume I.....that seemed to change my game a bit. I am currently reading SuperSystem II. (we'll see what happens in the other poker games that I am more recently interested in...in the future). I guess all these things I've done recently have helped to tremendously change my game......but my 2-year old daughter of all things.....changed my game more than the other combined! How? you may ask....by giving me my lucky charms (not the cereal....but these two girly-plastic necklaces. She put them around my neck before she fell asleep last week.....right as I was about to enter the WWdN : Weekly NLHE tourney. I won. I found them the next night when I was about to enter the 'Mookie'...I took second. There must be something to these necklaces (I'm thinking at this point it is the 'Placebo effect' or they are my lucky charm)......so I put them on for all the BBT events since last Tuesday the 17Th. Riverchasers on Thursday....I've placed in the points for all BBT events since. I decided to play a 11.00 NL HE tourney on Friday...I took 3rd for over 450.00. On Sunday......I didn't wear them....I got knocked out of the WPBT Limit HE tourney very early....I looked over at my daughter.....she has one of them (the one with the clear-blue beads and she breaks it) and I realize I'm not wearing my lucky charms. By the time she falls asleep....I am knee deep in 3 simultaneous tournaments and I don't place in any points in the WPBT event and there are no cashes to be had in the other tournaments. At this point I'm looking for these necklaces every time I play a tourney (man this would be embarrassing if somebody saw me wearing them....my wife laughs at me when she walks into the room and sees me feverishly looking for them or wearing them...like last night) I put them on for my two simultaneous tourneys.....The token frenzy and M.A.T.H (BBT). I got my token in the token frenzy and I placed 4Th in M.A.T.H.
1. 1st place in the WWdN : NLHE (148.00) weekly on the 17Th.
2. 2ND place in the Mookie (140....119.00 after chop 2nd-3rd) for first Mookie cash on the 18th.
3. 3RD place (458.00) in a 10.00+1.00 NLHE MTT on Full Tilt on the 20Th.
4. 4Th place (137.00) in M.A.T.H. for first cash in that tournament on the 23RD.
5. Token (75.00) in Token Frenzy.
6. Numerous point placements in BBT to move up the leader board.
7. Numerous STT wins and cashes.
I mean I've never had any sort of bankroll online....as I've documented before with the two mortgages etc.....but this has been a great time to build one. Upcoming tourneys include all these BBT events and FTOPS/WSOP satellites....bracelet races etc. There is something to a 'lucky charm' or a 'placebo' that makes people play better/concentrate more/increase observation skills. I don't know if it is possible....but it seems possible. I have one now.....what's yours?

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