Friday, April 27, 2007

Lucky Charms=Confidence

So the lucky charms were not around my neck on Wed. for the 'Moooookie'.....and I went out 23RD. I'm trying to establish that the lucky charms are just giving me CONFIDENCE. It is the ingredient I've been lacking in my game for quite a while. I would fold to lots of raises and not raise with a premium hand......playing passively for the most part. Confidence is/was the missing ingredient. Oh and my play in the 'Mookie' wasn't that good on Wed.....but the hand I went out with was a no-brainer push. I only had about 2.5 BB's and I got an A-Jo....insta-push. I got called by somebody who had A-Qo....but there was no choice. I was berated by a couple of the guys....why?....with an 'M' of 2/ wouldn't push with A-Jo? C'mon that's just retarded. I love it when somebody has a big-stack......everybody else sucks....don't ya know?

Anyway, I finally got out on Thursday night. I went back to the bar with the NL HE tourneys/league next town over from me. I haven't been there for about 8 months or so....feels like home. It's much better for small buy-in tourneys than some of the other local establishments. The bar "Slickey's" (name given to protect the innocent) has been running these tourneys for a couple of years and they have Monday and Thursday night leagues...and cash games for the knocked-out players. The tournament is run really well, especially after they've got a couple years experience under their belt. Last night there were about 45 players....and 6 were paid. I got knocked out 5th for a nice little payout (more on that later but QQ<99.......What the effff would I look like with 2 girly necklaces 1 broken and 1 not around my neck? I put them in my pocket). I had pocket pairs from A's down to 7's dealt to me and I picked up pots all night with them....I think I mucked 9's once when somebody pushed a large stack all-in but other than that I got great cards. I remember last year in the league I went card dead for like a month. That hurt my chances to qualify for the champ. table (STT with large cash prizes for the top ten after about 12 or 16 weeks...I forget the exact length of time. I hope to get out for a couple of them seeing as how I've cashed in a ton of them before. I made it to the final table with great cards and some great play. I knocked out a player and a couple others pushed all-in on monster hands to knock them out. We were down to six players left and the payouts were announced. I had Pocket 9's dealt to me and 'auntie' (lady who is great tricky player that looks like your aunt who LOVES to gamble) raised it up. I decided to go all-in.....she called with pocket 8's!!! I doubled up and was in great position. I started to go all-in with flopped two-pair hands and started to build the second biggest stack. Then the devastating hand of the night happened. I had pocket Q's dealt to me and was is late position. 'Auntie' was in early position and raised it up again (she was steaming from the earlier beat)....I went into the tank (I've seen this lady slow play A's....K's...i've seen her call with any pocket pair on occasion...and she seldom raises....but she was 'steaming'. I was feeling pretty good about the Q's so I went all in...this would put me in an overwhelming chip lead. She calls...........................with pocket 9's!! A nine falls on the flop and IGH. Every time I get pocket Q's in a live tournament and I go all-in....I get called my a woman with A-rag or another dominated hand....and lose. This happened to me before in another tourney at the local 'Sons of Italy'.......where there were 5 people left and I pushed all-in and a lady called with chip stack crippled. So anyway, I go home with a little profit and a whole lotta crow to eat after the 'Steaming' auntie had me covered by......T500 in chips!

this weekend don't forget to do this :

......if you can't play you can at least dream.....

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