Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tourneys, Tourneys, and more Tourneys

Yet again I am fascinated by this...what a Donkey I am......two tourneys at the same time on different sites this time.
There are many tourneys to be at this week and the coming weeks. The following for the B.B.T (Battle of the Blogger Tournaments) This week : The M.A.T.H.-Monday (had to miss it this week...no token),
The WWdN:NLHE weekly-Tuesday , The 'Mookie'-Wednesday , and the 'Riverchasers Online Tour'-Thursday..........so many....so little bankroll!

Update : Just busted out of the wheatie in 16th of 51 people. What really sucks is that the hand previous to the one I busted out on would have stacked me at T5000 in chips. I got squeezed by Specks'bacon and the chip leader....so I didn't call with my A-3d...stupid me. I busted when I pushed my A-4o into the chip leader........oops.

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