Friday, May 18, 2007

"The earth Starts to Rumble"!

It's been a while since I last posted. It's probably had something to do with me being on tilt for 3 weeks or so. I haven't got any points or made any cash in the BBT for a long time it seems.
It's not that I'm doing any thing different or wrong...but I've basically been card dead when my monster hands run into bigger monster hands. The Full Tilt 'doom switch' has been flipped on The hand that has me in the most trouble has been pocket Q's. I swear I can't win with them and I can't beat them when I have a better hand. I made up that quote while getting my Q's out-flopped by pocket J's in the Wheatie. I won a token for the Blogger Big Game a week ago so I will be out for blood on Sunday night. I need POINTS...and more importantly some of that Big Game CASH!!! I am going to Rockingham Park on Saturday to try the 150.00 buy-in satellite for the WSOP main event. I guess they will give out as many seats as they can. From what I hear by people who have played and won a ton of money....the structure is great. Being an affordable buy-in and a very rainy forecast this weekend may bring out the masses. 150.00 for the slight possibility of a WSOP ME seat is a risk I will least once in a while.....

I went to the Heaven&Hell show last night in Lowell. It was at the Tsongas arena in Lowell. I've never seen MegaDeth or Ronnie Dio so when an old college friend called out of the blue (actually sent an email) and asked if I wanted to go.........I made my decision in 2 seconds. I've always liked MegaDeth but seeing them live is incredible. I forgot how political Mustaine is.......but unlike most other holier-than-thou recording artists...he leaves his political statements in his songs. I swear some bands or front men don't know when to shut the fuck up (CS&N comes to mind....their live shows are basically liberal diarrhea of the mouth rants....I'm waiting to see Rosie O'Donnell come out as a guest star. In this nightmare/premonition she will come out and give mindless ramblings about conspiracies and left-wing rants that make no sense......instead of a guitar solo). Mustaine lets his music do the talking and his guitar do the talking and I respect that. Their finale was simply fantastic. They morphed 'Holy Wars' with a couple of other tunes and just blew the whole crowd away. Amazing. Ronnie Dio has always been a favorite of mine. The heavy metal elf is truly a voice to be heard and he still delivers and incredible performance. I've always been blown away by Black Sabbath. I caught them in '99 on the Ozzfest tour with Ozzy and that was the culmination of a dream for me. So given the opportunity to see them with Dio.....I had no choice. They basically played the whole Black Sabbath-The Dio Years CD as a set list + a couple of other tunes. Tony Iommi is the man.
Here are some Dave Mustaine quotes
I've always liked to hear what Dave has to say.......when he isn't on stage that is......and these are classic.

See you at the Blogger Big Game on Sunday!

I've also added a few blogs to 'The Daily Reads'. They are all truly great reads. Good people with something to say....unlike me. Check 'em might just learn something.

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