Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The beginning of Summer

WPBT Summer Classic 2007 - No Limit Hold'Em

When: June 9th - Saturday
Time: 2pm PST
Where: The Orleans in Las Vagas
How Much: $65 + $10 + optional $5
Restrictions: Bloggers only, please.
Top 50% of field gets POY points

What: WPBT POY Event #6b - Hold'em NL
When: June 9th - Saturday
Time: 4pm EST
Where: (Private Tourney 17982791)
How Much: $24 + $2
Password: you should know it
Restrictions: Bloggers only, please.
Top 50% of field gets POY points. This tournament is open to players who are not in Las Vegas.

If you are not going to Vegas like me (sorry ass mofo) then you can at least salvage some dignity and play the WPBT online event! I'm already signed up so lets see if we can get the stragglers to join.

I used to dread Wednesdays....but not since the 'Mookie' came to fruition! Get in there and get some BBT point/cash goodness!

My buddy was properly devastated at the bachelor party last weekend......we played golf(I'm finally getting better)....drank a thousand beers.....played poker(or some form of homegame poker).....drank a thousand beers.......watched the RedSox destroy the Yankees......drank a thousand beers.......went to a strip club in Providence RI.....that allowed us to bring in and drink a thousand beers (true).......and enjoyed the sights and the lap dances.....and then drank a thousand beers (limo driver was nice enough to pull over on the highway a shitload of times so we could risk our lives to piss.

Back to reality and a tough work week from hell this week. I'm selling my condo in the white mountains (crying) and will eventually sell my house in order to get us out of this town I live in. I might be house hunting all summer. So much for Vegas/WSOP this year. I hope all of you guys and girls that make it out there have fun and cash in the biggest poker tourneys in history. I really would like to meet and hang out with some of the people who have made my boring job bearable. Destroying workplace productivity INDEED!!!!

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