Thursday, June 21, 2007

Destroying the Dookie....gettin' slapped in the Mookie

OK so I didn't destroy the Dookie......but I won. I had to out-flop one very large-stacked it wasn't easy. I had a nice comeback win after being the short-stack at the final table. I love Pot Limit Omaha it! It is such a tough game but gets the gamble out of us....especially the Turbo format. My secret for PLO HiLo is fold your K's unless you can limp in.....or unless there is more than two people involved in the pot. I had K's somewhere around 6 times and folded 'em every single time. Don't leave home with an ace in hand. Simple. I played terrible in the Mookie as usual....what else is new. I started the BBT pretty badly.....I went on a heater and cashed in all different tourneys. I Made the points in all different tourneys. I forgot the devastating suckout I took at the last Big Game....that sucked....or else I could have cashed for a shitload. Last night I just made bad calls...plain and simple. I hope to finish out the BBT with a bang or two. Cashing in the Big Game would go far for me as my progress as a blonkey-donkey. Anybody else think that it would be a good idea to maybe include the WPBT into the BBT format next fall or something? It seems a shame to let the WPBT go down in flames.
I think I'm going to be doing a lot of Real Estate sales and purchases soon so......I may have to slow down on the online poker. My family and I are going to be moving somewhere closer to Boston soon. We have our eye on this nice house in Wakefield, MA. We'll see what happens...I'm not sure how fast I can sell my beloved Mountain condo. or house in Lawrence. I want to know what it is like to take my time commuting to work. I'm sick of wasting so much time in the damn car...sick of it! I might actually have some extra time on my hands for once.
Tonight I might play the old bar league tourney that is so much fun. I've made a ton of money over the tourneys that i've played at 'Slickey's'. I come in and piss everybody off because they are vying for points in a league. I've been called 'wild card' or asshole a couple of times (really people...i've been called save it) because of my play there. It.Works.For.ME!!!!

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