Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Stuff....bad at M.A.T.H.

I had my token set for M.A.T.H. but I got it on I decided to try the 26K guarantee. After 5 hours or so I ended up finishing 22nd out of 1450 or so. Not bad.....the guy that knocked me out also took half my stack earlier. What a lucky bastard. I put him all in with pocket Q's (quickly becoming my least favorite hand) and he had 10's.....he got a 3rd 10 on the turn. Late in the tourney when everybody had big stacks he had the monster pocket 4's. He raised in early position 7K.....I had Ac-Jc....had to call to see the flop. A raggy flop 4x-8x-Jx fell....I figured he had anything from pocket 2's to pocket 10's again...maybe Ax-Kx. Turns out he has Pocket 4's......I made trip jacks on the turn but to no avail. c'est la vie. 159.00 for me.....not so bad for somebody who had the short stack for the first 2 hours or so.

Father's day was great. I'm a lucky guy when it comes to family....this much is true. I started playing some Sit'nGo's again this weekend and did pretty well. I was feasting on those 6.60's on Full Tilt. I may have to start a cycle of those again to build up somewhat of a roll. M.A.T.H. looks like a big one tonight....I'll have to fire up Buddy Dank radio and see what happens.

I just donked-out of M.A.T.H with Ah-3h into one of the big stacks....oh well...what're ya going to do............

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