Monday, July 30, 2007

2 Sides to every story

I realize that I'm not doing something on Full Tilt that I have been doing at PokerStars...winning STT's! WTF! I swear...the stats should be the same but they are disturbing to me anyway. My money is on Full Tilt....I may have to send some to PokerStars for STT's only. I'll stick to blogger tourneys and MTT's on Full Tilt and STT's on PokerStars....and that's that.

I'm back from vacation! I couldn't relax all too much because I am still on real estate tilt...but I'm back nonetheless. I had a great week at Salisbury beach (parents gave me and the fam a week for free at their cottage)and I interrupted it with poker only two nights! One was Tuesday night...I high-jacked the neighbors phone line (actually Margaret was nice enough to loan me her phone line...she understands as she has been recently addicted to online Mah Jong....and she is just a nice old lady that rents the other side of my parents duplex-cottage for the whole summer)and entered as many MTT's as I could fit in 6 hours on Full Tilt and PokerStars. I cashed in none and got my masochistic fill with bad beats galore. I was satiated only by getting Aces cracked and Full boat losses to bigger full boats. The other Pokerinterruptus(or abortion) was Wednesday nights BBT freeroll. I saw 'Freezeroll' Beer City Poker: BBT Freezeroll on Beer City Poker which was an apropos description. I did remain Fat, Drunk, and Stupid during the rest of my vacation. I also added sunburned and bug bitten to that mix. I can't wait to get back to the bar league on Thursday night. I think I'm in first place even though I missed two of the four weeks. That is something to look forward to for poker this week. As you can see the way this post started....I have depleted my online bankroll at Full Tilt to a pittance....I do have enough to play a couple of the low buy-in tourneys and STT's. Back to the grind......

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