Friday, July 20, 2007

Bought a new house....

Still haven't sold the one I am currently in. I'll need to get that done before August 31st. Selling my NH condo. in NH. Will be moving into said bought house in Wakefield at the end of summer. My summer is going just about yours? That is the stress that has surrounded me the last month. I was actually glad the BBT didn't last any longer than it did....I needed my life back! Hopefully I can relax this coming week....I will do my best to remain drunk, fat and stupid during it. I can't forget about the BBT free roll though.....It will be guns a blazin! I really porked myself in the Mookie this week. My final table play definitely needs has been pointed out before. I do realize I need work on my end game....that much is true. I seem to have no problem when playing live with my final table play.......but it is so much easier to make a bad play online. I need to get my hands off the mouse....and think....for more than a Milli-second. Make a good decision and stick with it. No calls....either raise or fold. Simple. Effective. Yet hard for me to execute at a final table online. It can mean a win, a higher cash, or a bubble finish like I did in this weeks Mookie.
My final thoughts on the BBT echo that sentiment. Some people did play for points....I played for cash and came out a whopping 35.00 and change ahead for the whole thing. It was a great idea and opened my eyes to a lot of different playing styles. It opened up my game (aggression, raising and betting)and exposed the worst part or parts (final table play, calling raises out of position)of it. The end needs a lot of work. The first month was a lot of bad play by me...not a lot of patience. I got a lot more patient in the second month and made quite a few final tables. The third month brought out some play that I am not proud of but that is part of the growing process. I have to say that I made the final table in both Big Games I played in. If not for a bad suck out in the first one...I could have cashed for a whole lot more....but those are just sour grapes. After 3 years of sporadic play in tourneys live and online.....I realize just how much there is to learn. I don't know if I will be able to do something like that after I move into my new house though. It's gonna stretch the budget a bit. I think that the next BBT if there is one....should take place during the late winter-early spring. You know...when its cold and crappy outside and everybody is just itchin' to play online. People are busy and on vacation most often in the summer so...a lot of tourneys were missed from prior commitments. So final kudos to Al, Hoyazo, and Mookie for getting the whole thing going. Also to MiamiDon for putting the biggest prize pools out there for bloggers to scratch and claw over.

Last night I went back to 'Slickey's'(name changed to protect innocent) and the bar league NLHE tournaments that have a great structure for 40 bucks. I was in first place after two weeks and I missed the first week! I chopped for first prize last week. This week I was rolling right along building my chip stack and not losing any big pots. There were about 15 people left and I am on the button. The blinds were at 800-1200 and I raised the twice the BB......I had about T6500 in chips and the raise committed me because I had As-Ad! The SB goes all-in immediately and has me covered (because he previously went all-in with an ace of spades and four flushed to get about T8,000 in chips). The BB folds....and I obviously call the rest of chips with my Aces. The luck box flops a fucking Q and I am done. I was about to make a huge run to my second final table and first place standing in the league and my luck box friend flops his two outer....Damn that stings. I've been playing great lately but that one hurt. I came home all charged up and fired up the PC. I opened Full Tilt and PokerStars and looked at a couple of tourneys including the midnight madness tourney....I decided to shut it down and go to sleep. It was the best decision I made all week.

Don't forget about Kat's Donkathon rebuy tonight!
Blogger Donkament
Full Tilt, 9:00 PM EST
Password: donkarama
$1 + $1, rebuy + addon, NLHE
I came in second last week...there were over 150 rebuys...LOL. The battle between myself, Mike_Maloney and Mookie went on for an hour....sick and twisted!

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