Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The best Sports town in the U.S.A.

Ever since I was 7....I have had a reason to doubt the Sox. In '78 I was introduced at a young age to the future. In '86 they broke my heart. In 2004 they erased 86 years of 'curses' and of taunting gems such at "19-18, 19-18" and "Don't worry there's always next year!". In 2007 They are hated....more than any previous team in memory.......even more than the Yankees. They also erased any doubt that we have the best baseball town and baseball team owners on the planet. They also erased any foreboding scrutiny....in my mind. I was skeptical until the end of the season. Then they put the Angels out of their misery. They got into a huge deficit to the Indians. I was actually looking forward to see how this team responded and they won three straight! Two of the most incredible comebacks in sports history all within 4 years. I can no longer question Terry Francona on his baseball moves. He truly 'manages' a team and allows that team to develop a personality.....then he guides that team to victory. Although the 'hater' websites and blogs are at an all-time high.....we Red Sox fans all know that they are ridiculously jealous. So hate on us for the Red Sox all you want. We get to look forward to one of the greatest football teams in NFL history for the rest of the year!

Big Papi and Timmy Wakefield
World Series MVP
The Japanese Connection
The celebration of the 2007 WS
The 2nd trophy in 4 years
and finally....
A message to all you haters of RedSox fans and RedSox nation!


Anonymous said...

Yeah baby - Go Sox!

I went to the rally/parade today. Awesome time - the only thing that marred were the repeated chants of 'yankees suck'.

I mean - who really even cares about them anymore?

PokahDave said...

Hey B, that must've been fun...I couldn't go...but I've been before and it's quite a day. That Yankees suck chant is as tired and old as the yankees themselves. The only people chanting it are usually high school kids and out-of-town college kids. The 'Clash of the Titans' is going to take place this weekend Pats vs. Colts.....good times!