Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Bodonkey chat...genius edition.......

FishEater2000: Pokah David
PokahDave: SirWaffles
PokahDave: Helloooooooo Donkeyssssssss
MrGoss: hola
PokahDave: How
MrGoss: very well, tu
PokahDave: How's FTP treating everybody these days
MrGoss: ok...
FishEater2000: im doing well
FishEater2000: i actually have bankrolls now.. which helps.. lol
PokahDave: I figure I'll be back around the end of Jan. or beginning of Feb
PokahDave: with RAKEBACK
FishEater2000: i need rakeback
FishEater2000: i need to seyup a new account
FishEater2000: this has to be the tightest game in the world lol
PokahDave: It is
MrGoss: yuck
FishEater2000: i feel i have been here forever and not played a hand
PokahDave: well start playin with ur self then!
MrGoss: smells like fish...
MrGoss: =)
PokahDave: just where is Hillsborough
Ursus Aureus: NC
FishEater2000: NC
FishEater2000: donk
PokahDave: how the f am I supposed to know
FishEater2000: lol
FishEater2000: um 3rd grade?
Ursus Aureus: about 30 miles west of gvn2fly.
FishEater2000: lol
FishEater2000: oh wait your from england arnt you l
PokahDave: GCox and TripJax
FishEater2000: no
FishEater2000: you from MA
MrGoss: gcox is in OK
FishEater2000: ?
MrGoss: right
FishEater2000: Wakefield MA>?
MrGoss: ?
gvn2fly: if u got ace u push pre right?
PokahDave: isn't Hillsborough in KY?
FishEater2000: q2c
gvn2fly: nh
MrGoss: wow
FishEater2000: lol
MrGoss: nasty
gvn2fly: no need to take all ur time lol
TRexRoar: sorry dude - playing razz tourney at ft too
Ursus Aureus: there are towns named Hillsborough in many states.
gvn2fly: its all good
gvn2fly: nh
FishEater2000: haha me too
Ursus Aureus: in my case, it is in NC.
Ursus Aureus: I'm East of TripJax
MrGoss: hey, someone tell HoP that Dave fromTX said hello please.
TRexRoar: hey dave
MrGoss: I can't get my screen to give me the little window
PokahDave: you blind *****
MrGoss: hey rex
PokahDave: don't do that too much B
MrGoss: arlington tx
MrGoss: ?
MrGoss: or v?
MrGoss: va?
MrGoss: wel ok
MrGoss: bye
PokahDave: you gonna make fun of him too Waffles?
PokahDave: It's in MA
FishEater2000: lol
MrGoss: ahh
FishEater2000: yeah
FishEater2000: wait i missed it
FishEater2000: Arlington TX and Virgina are equally famous so he is correct to be confused
MrGoss: thx for th leaday
MrGoss: leadway
MrGoss: damn wireless keyboard
FishEater2000: but Greensboro is obvious
MrGoss: NC
MrGoss: =)
FishEater2000: yes
FishEater2000: lol
FishEater2000: as is wakefield
FishEater2000: but only if you live in MA
PokahDave: There's nobody here from Greensboro
MrGoss: for the record.
MrGoss: that's my fav. hand
MrGoss: =)
FishEater2000: wowzers
gvn2fly: nh
FishEater2000: gg
Ursus Aureus: thx
PokahDave: gg
Ursus Aureus: gg
MrGoss: vnh
PokahDave: taken out by Uterus Areola
MrGoss: LAO
FishEater2000: lol
MrGoss: LMAO
FishEater2000: from NC
Ursus Aureus: PD is a funny man, seriously.
MrGoss: holy shit that was funny
MrGoss: painful fold
FishEater2000: lol

Side note : The Bruins front office is soooooo inept. Why can't we keep good players (Brad Boyes in picture) on the lowly Bruins? Year after year...trade away the talent. By the way, what the f is local boy Keith Tkachuk doing here in this picture?????

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TripJax said...

North Carolina makes it into chat. Nice!

Even Greensboro. We're getting big when we are in random chat!