Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January is painful

I'm not having fun in January. My house closing was postponed yet again.....I wasn't exactly surprised. Not much else is going on. The latest in a series of postponements has me stressed again. I can't do the things I want to. I just want to sell my goddamned house to someone who actually wants to buy it. I swear the Mortgage brokers of the world have all sorts of power and no one to regulate them. I had a previous bad experience with a Mortgage broker back in '04 when I bought my brother-in-laws condo. Nothing was on time....nobody called when they were supposed to...and the guy was a flat-out fuggin' asshole. Now it seems to have come full circle again with the guy who wants to buy my house. He doesn't have a clue because he is a first-time home buyer. My Real Estate agent and I are plotting against said Mortgage Broker and we are in the process of screwing her over BIGTIME! Someday I will do a post on the relationship of Real Estate Equity and Pot Equity in NL Hold'em (then again maybe not...because no one gives a fuck).

So Please get yourself a lawyer when you are buying or selling real estate these days....You will regret it if you don't. If you learn one thing from me then listen to that one....seriously. I did hire a lawyer before my latest R.E. fiasco so I am at least learning from my past mistakes. Lawyers are actually good for something!

Go play the Bodonkey tonight....it's chock full of pokery goodness. I am going to kill this game tonight and take out my Real Estate Broker angst on all donkeys that get in my way!
By the way....did anybody see the Colts choke this weekend? How fuggin' bad was that....they suck! This weekend is going to be a below zero beat down of the Chargers! They are coming to the confines of below zero windy weather from the San Diego sun and the indoor track field AKA the Colts weather-free-hall-of-choke. The Patriots are going to beat the Chargers 42-7! Learn it....Know it....Live it!


$mokkee said...


PokahDave said...

Ha!...that was last week...the Bolts are going to fizzle in below zero windy weather!!!!!

Schaubs said...

I guess I have to cheer for the Pats now that the Colts are gone.

The Bolts got very lucky with those tipped passes.

Although that Cromartie TD was legit.

GL with the sale, I hope it happens very soon.

PokahDave said...

Schaubs....I hope you get a lawyer when you decide to buy....I think you mentioned something about that recently. The guy that wants my house is still trying to get a loan. I think he will get one by the end of January....but I've said that one before. He lost his deposit already........so it behooves him to get the loan more than ever. How's it going up in Canada for first time buyers?

lightning36 said...

Maybe we should have a "last longer" bet on selling our houses.

I am having a painter come in soon to repaint some of the interior to make as much as possible neutral. In this market, no one wants a house with any personality.

Now I am facing the down side of buying a "different" kind of house. I only hope I can get it sold by the start of summer.

PokahDave said...

I just have a simple 4 room, 1 bath ranch with an unfinished basement. What exactly are you trying to sell Lightning? What does it look like?