Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cat Puke Tilt II

NO that is not my cat...and no those are not my sneakers. I was Bodonkeying my way to getting into the leader board last night when the cat runs upstairs after eating. He proceeds to puke on the floor right in front of me....this happened before during the BBT1. It put me on tilt. I couldn't clean it up because I was playing in the Bodonkey. I had just chipped-up to a decent stack too. I stated earlier that "either 23Skidoo or NewinNov will knock me out" as they have done in most of the new Bodonkey series. Before the new leader board was made I was making lots of Bodog tourney money and making final tables without a problem. So I get Qx-Qx in early position (previously the cat puke incident happened and I had 23skidoo laughing his ass off so he says) I raise to a hefty sum. he re-raises and I feign weakness (although Q's have become somewhat of a can't win with can't win against hand for me) and I announced "good night all" and I pushed. ski calls with 'presto'....5 on the flop....DONE. At the very least I was entertaining!


23skidoo said...

I really was laughing my ass off, my wife came downstairs and said, 'what the hell is going on??' which made me laugh even harder. Sorry, but it just struck a funny bone and the picture is priceless.

See you next week.

PokahDave said...

that's hilarious. I was wired on caffeine...drinking beers..then all that happened in the span of a couple of minutes. I knew either you or New was going to knock me out!!