Monday, May 26, 2008

Still no baby.....and a Final Table

Still no baby to speak of as of yet!
Made the final table to the 11.00 NLHE 6-Max. tourney. It starts every night at 11:15 ET on Stars. I won't be able to play this too many times in the near future after the baby in born.I love the format and everything about this one. It's rapidly becoming my bitch!
My biggest score came from this tourney...I won it just over two months ago for a nice 2,250.00.
Although I made the final table this time I got knocked out in the 6 spot. I raised in position with K-9o (not the best hand but I need to build up) . After the flop I had top pair good kicker and the short stack so I pushed. DJDiaper called with a flush draw and hit. Looks like he came in second after checking Officialpokerrankings. So close again....

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