Wednesday, July 30, 2008


...and then there were 300.....that is the number of posts on this verbal dumping ground! I wish I had some kind of story to tie in with the 300th post and my weird fascination with Mediterranean based myths...but I don't. I've been playing a ton on PStars lately and have been doing quite well. I think I'll miss the Silver VIP status though. I think I need another 300 points of something by the time the 31st is done. The baby and the 3+ year old have been taking all of my time....I mean....where the F has the summer gone? It's almost August and it doesn't even feel like I've been out of the house. My vacation week isn't until the 3rd week of least we are staying at a local beachhouse. Local being Salisbury beach.....I'm looking forward to that. Although I get the antsy for some poker while there and there is no phone line on my side of the cottage. I guess I'll have to break down and buy one of those Verizon wireless cards. Last year I was like a sick poker junkie running around the cottage desperately trying to keep a wireless connection for more than a half hour.
On Monday night I went a little off kilter and bought into some tourneys that I've never bought directly into before. The 100+9 and a bunch of those 30+3 NLHE tourneys. I got taken to school.....stayed up all night....and have nothing to show for it. I do however want to jump back on to Full Tilt for some Donk-tacular action. This is probably not good for my bankroll as I've never won anything on Full Tilt except a Bloggerment. Well I'm a glutton for punishment and the ultimate Donk-fest...the Mookie and probably the Dookie tonight! I'll leave the juicy (fast) no-limit tables and low limit NLHE tourneys for some silly Full Tilt suckouts. This is usually the other way around for most bloggers but PokerStars>Full Tilt for me. Speaking of 300...anyone want to swap 300 from my Stars account with 300 from their Full Tilt account??? Actually don't answer that just yet I'm gonna ask another local first!

Forgot about this ...DUH!!!!!!

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