Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I found a great website for poker and gambling strategy. PokerIntensity.com is that website. It combines everything a poker player or gambler needs to enter the online versions of their favorite game.
There are several areas of interest for both the new online poker player as well as the experienced online poker player. For the new player there are sections on what websites are 'blacklisted' to stay away from...and what websites are 'safe'. This is very handy for Americans as well as Europeans. There is also a section on PokerInstensity.com that is full of information about the different ways to fund the account. This is very important for the player who decides to play for ‘real’ money instead of the ‘play’ money the following deposit methods are available. We all know how important that is after the UIGEA was passed in '06. In addition there are sections on general poker terms, Online Poker Tips, and a Poker Calculator (Not just for NLHE by the way). For the experienced player there are plenty of strategy articles even a Poker News section to stay informed about the world of poker. PokerIntensity.com is also available in 6 different languages including English.
If you are interested in getting into the shark infested world of online poker you should inform yourself with Intense Poker knowledge and strategy first.
PokerIntensity.com is great looking website full of information. Isn't that what we all needed when we decided to jump into the online poker waters?

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