Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBALLLLLL!!!!!

Sweet....sweet football season...glad you are back. Last year hurt but we start anew. Once again my favorite time of the sports year is upon us. Baseball playoffs, Football start up, Fantasy sports heaven, Hockey soon (I'm a recovering Bruins fan from way back...still won't go but will watch on TV). I am looking forward to seeing what the Pats do this year to correct last years problems (Not sure if the O-line is any better....I just hope it's not worse than the last two games of the year) as I am very concerned with the DB's. How freakin' good is Dustin Pedroia? He's carrying the team on his back. Let's hope J. Beckett and maybe one other starter comes back otherwise we be in trouble. I in position to win a rotisserie league on Yahoo! Hopefully the cash will be mine at the end.
Once again I entered the weekly junk-kick tourney otherwise known as the 'Mookie'....and one again I lose most of my stack with a dominant hand. No details....but you are screwed at the 'Mookie' with a short stack near the final table. I did win something last night....I won a PUSHFEST!!!!!! Love that.....I cracked Aces with 2-7o when a straight filled up on the river. I couldn't friggin' lose a hand until I ran my 7-4o into Aces. This was well after I won the pushfest...I would've played for real after the contest but I was too tired and my East Coast bones needed rest. This week and next have been pretty hard for getting the kids to day-care and pre-school. Hopefully we can get this routine down and I can eventually get to work on time for once in the past month. Once again getting up and getting ready for work is hard enough...but with a 3+ year old and 3 month old....yikes...
I've become a political junkie over the last 7 years or so. I have to say that Sarah Palin knocked a game winning home run in the playoffs last night. WOW. I didn't give a crap about politics until I was 30...but I can't remember any speech that good by any politician...ever. Lets get serious here for a second (I know this crappy blog is crap but....). John McCain may not be perfect but he is a WAR HERO with the ability to get things done when he wants to. He can get support from Democrats and Republicans like no other politician in the Senate. He seems to be doing all the right things at the right time...including picking another 'Maverick' politician to complement and solidify his campaign. This will put him in office. Forget about online poker and sports for a minute. We are talking about electing the President of the United States. We need some security here. OK? Elect a President that will be able to make other politicians regardless of political party to DO THE RIGHT THING WHEN THEY NEED TO....not when they WANT to.

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