Monday, October 13, 2008

Smokkee's revenge

That was as awful a game as I've seen the Patriots play. That game reminded me and probably a whole legion of fans what it was like in the early 90's. Is there any doubt that Tom Brady is the best and smartest QB in the game? I can't believe the Pats are so bad this year. It's hard to grasp the fact that they have no pass rush, no good defensive backs, no offensive line, no QB that can at least grind out a close game.....and seemingly no balls this year. It's all too much for a football fan in NE.....and it's gonna get a lot worse. In my own words...I'll just have to "Deal with it"! The only thing keeping the football faithful from jumping off the bridge is the Red Sox. The Sox are a good distraction this year. Speaking of the Sox......
I said I wouldn't criticize Francona this year...wrong! As coach of the Red Sox you must be able to exercise your judgement on Josh Beckett. You must realize that you are lucky to have a lead after Beckett gave up the lead twice. You must be able to decode Beckett's stubbornness when you ask "How do ya feel out there buddy"? You must not go down that path that Grady Little went down in '03...please stop the bad decisions now. For the love of all that is good and baseball holy Tito....make good decisions going forward. Thank You.
I played in the 6K Guaranteed along with a slew of other tourneys on Bodog and PokerStars this weekend. Saturday night was alright with me cashing in most of them. I made a move at the 6K again and went to the final table. Last week I went out 5th...this week...5th. I say it again...the best low buy-in tourneys out there are the 10+1 5K guaranteed and the 20+2 6K guaranteed. The 6K has kept me profitable alone. I haven't deposited since the Bodonkey started up last Winter. The sit'n'go's are ridiculously easy as well. If you don't play on Bodog....especially if you are a tournament just don't like money. The only thing keeping me from buying into the big Sunday 100K is a busy family life. The software may not be the best but it is getting a little better as of late. I would suggest they incorporate a couple of other games in tourney format besides Holdem though...that's what probably loses them (as a poker site) a lot of money. Word has it that the Bodonkey is coming back on Tuesday nights....that's the best news I've heard in last 3 months. So I end this post on a good note..and I will fight the temptation of posting my two cents on the next P.O.t. U.S.A.....
One or two last questions for those of you who are political historians. Was it a good thing to have no check and balance in the last administration-congress-house of representatives that was all Democrat. When was the last time this happened?

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