Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you want a laugh....

Check out this thread from 2+2.....you have to look through the whole thread. I was laughing uncontrollably after browsing through.....

Also this week along with the regular blonkaments....of which I probably won't participate comes this email :

Hey poker people,

Finally it’s again time for the RakeBrain blogger challenge on Full Tilt. It's been a long time and our previous blogger the infamous LeCheese has been replaced and now you are facing LeTune.

As usual it’s a freeroll, the first 32 bloggers that say they wanna play in an email to me will be added to the tournament. In total there will be 36 players (4 tables). So shoot me an email if you are able to play.

This blogger challenge freeroll is open to all poker bloggers with a full tilt account that have an active poker blog (writing for at least 6 months), I’m encouraging all of you to spread the word and have your blogger friends email me if they want to play. I don’t have contact info to all the good poker bloggers out there, so feel free to spread the word (and my email address) and if they are amongst the first 32 that contact me stating the blog URL and Full Tilt nick name, they will be in (if they have an active poker blog of course).

Prize pool will be $1000 and the game is Pot Limit HA as usual.

Time for the tournament is Thursday the 16th of October at 19.00 EST. (next week!)

If you want to see what bloggers participated in the last tourney with LeCheese way back you can see it here: http://www.rakebrain.com/blog/2008/04/15/time-for-le-cheese-revenge/

Hope to see a friendly tournament with lots of friendly poker bloggers.

Joe from RakeBrain

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