Monday, November 10, 2008

HPT live fun

I went to the HPT live event on Saturday with Biggestron. He's got me verbally committed to going to Vegas in Dec. but I also had about 12 micro-brews (note to self : when getting out of the not drink micro-brews as if they were Bud makes for a rough next day) in me at the time. I don't know if I can go....but I want to. I mean leaving a wife at home with the 3.5 year old and a 6 mo. old alone is not cool. Wait a minute.....the wife left me with said 3.5 year and 5 mo. old back in Oct. for a nice little NYC getaway....hmmmmmmm. So I get to the HPT live event and there are about 20 runners for 4o points apeice. The good host AKA (ittolm on FTP) had a nice setup for a small tournament. Top five get paid errrr get points. There were a mix of bloggers : myself, RakeFeeder, WWonka69, Biggestron, a bunch of other solid players, and other assorted women and a bunch of bald guys with shaved heads (don't ask). Odds were bloggers 4:1, women 6:1, and bald guys with shaved heads 3:1 (don't get offended daughters will destroy what's left of my hair so I may shave my own head within the next 2 years). This is the second HPT live event i've been able to get to so I was happy just to get out of the house for a while.

Hilarious moment of the night :

bald shaved head guy sitting next me (also known as Meltdown on FTP) "Billy (WWonka69)......if you were a freakin' superhero....your superpower (pauses for a couple of seconds).....your superpower would be....AGITATION"!
Billy (WWonka69) "what are you talking about"?
Everybody else in the room (you really had to be there) : LOL for 10 minutes......

I got into a huge pot with WWonka69 and another bald shaved head guy (Steve maybe?.......sorry...I'm bad at remembering real names after consuming large amount of micro-brew). I had 10d-Kd....I raised 3XBB and WWonka69 called. Shaved-head guy called. The flop was 10x-Xx-Qx? (I don't know) There was a bet a raise and a call. A 10x fell on 4th street. At this point I remember being scared of the straight and or the full house. A 9x fell on the river and I bet 500. Two calls. WWonka69 had 10-Jo, Shaved head guy had his Aces cracked, and I had trip 10's with a King kicker. I think I got the basic hand right.

I made the final table and was short stack soon thereafter. After a couple of people got knocked out I started to push....not with terrible hands but it was enough to get me to the money....errrr...the points. Of course I've been there twice and Biggestron placed 2nd both times (always the bridesmaid B). Bald shaved head guy won while I was folding on the cash game table. Since I haven't been out for more than a couple of hours in the last 5-6 months I went a little overboard on those micro-brews. I must remember next not drink Blue Moons and Sam Adams brown like Bud Lights. It makes for a wicked hangovah!


Biggestron said...

Micro-brew ain't no girlie-man beer!

Also - I think that bald guy goes by the name of 'air force Steve'.

ittolm said...

Now that I think of it there were 3 bald guys at our table...Bald guy winner was Buzzy (good name considering he doesn't drink, given your micro-brew consumption rate maybe we can now call you Saucy?) Other bald guys at the table were Mark and Steve(no this is not some cult, well, not as far as you know anyway....shave your head and join us...oh wait I am not bald, never mind).
If you do not go to Vegas we will be planning a mid-week CT Injun Trip in Mid December, then HPT Live again in Jan...

Rake Feeder said...

Do both, mid week CT Injun Trip and Vegas!

BamBam said...

As honourary drunk of the Poker Blogers, (read : still the only one to have the honour of Al posting, "Bam outdrank my ass!) May I suggest you get into some real training, and get the hell off the Bud Light!!!!

Good lord Girl.... Errrrrr... Man!

May I suggest a little Dos Equis as a warm up. Then slide into another Mexican classic, Tecate. Jump into a little Sam Adams around about week four. Carry that on for about a full week or maybe a week and a half.

This should just about get you into red, (and white) letter FullTilt position to drink Canadian beer.

G/L !

For the record... Yes! I do rent myself out as a training partner. I also do kids parties!