Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is a review :


I started playing some tourneys and some cash games at LockPoker last week. This particular online poker room has serious potential to become one of the biggest or most popular poker sites. The main reason is that it contains all the features and all the nuances of the most popular poker sites. The first thing I noticed was a similar interface to Party Poker but not as cartoon-like. You can change your avatar and pick from a variety of characters also. There are some cool sound effects that you can also add or subtract. Another great feature is the ability to see what your cards were even when you fold. I like that feature a lot. I play at a few different sites fairly often. One thing I didn't like about all the other sites were the different features that would vary so much from one site to another. LockPoker seems to have incorporated just about all of others. There is one tourney called the 'Kamikaze'. It's basically what we call a 'pushfest'. In other words you put in 3 bucks or whatever the buy-in is and sit back and watch the damage. You don't even have to do anything to win cash. Every hand goes all in. There are the largest variety of Rebuy and add-on tournaments also. No matter what your limit for buyin is....LockPoker has it. There are certain tourneys I love because of the starting chip amounts....buyin amounts....structure.....LockPoker has all of them. I'm pretty sure they did a survey of what online poker players love most and why. Then they implemented all of those features on their site. As you probably know by now LockPoker is open to United States online poker players. They added a lot of the features that i've missed so much from the no-longer-U.S.-friendly sites also. Like I said a similar interface to Party Poker and another feature that reminds me of winning a big pot on Paradise Poker. Just writing about it makes me like LockPoker even more.
The only feature that LockPoker doesn't have as of yet are Multi-Table Tourneys for all of the Poker variants. They have added Omaha tourneys into the mix so I'm sure that there will be more of a variety added in the future. I'm sure they are willing to add any tournament game or feature that their players want. They also have another feature that isn't very common to some of the bigger poker sites.....customer service. Imagine that....they respond to emails when you send them! Try doing that to a certain poker site and you would be considered lucky to get a response in two weeks! LockPoker has customer service 24-7. So for an enjoyable poker experience and a poker site that will surely grow faster than any LockPoker today!

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