Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry P.E.T.A. .......there will be blood

This species (good gravy how ugly) must be eliminated from the gene pool in order for the donkey race to survive in the blogosphere. I claim bounty on Thursday the 20th at 9:05 on Bodog.

Edit :
I made good on my elimination of the mutated Donkey species!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the bounty on some hand that actually had 5 people involved. I crippled Waffles on the previous hand and he had me covered by about 120 chips. The next hand I had A-Kd though...and a K on the flop sealed his fate! BOOOM!

Anyway I lost heads up to MiamiDon and came in second place...story of my life. GG Don. I'm a lame fuck who can't find his way to Vegas in December...but GG me anyway. F'n kid came back from 330 chips to take it down. We've had some epic battles already in the Bodonkey but the three player battle with myself, MiamiDon, and NewinNov was ridiculous. On a Semi-serious note.....Waffles has been kicking some blogger ass for the past year or so...kudos......

I claim BOUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 109TD$ plus 86.40$ plus 75more TD$ not bad......oh....and I got the day off from fucking work tomorrow....Double Boom!


lightning36 said...

Ha - stand in the freaking line!

Rake Feeder said...

hey Dave are you going to Vegas?

Hope you put my chips to good use tonight..

PokahDave said...

you should though...Byron is one hell of a host. I went last year without even meeting anybody once....even Byron. He ls the man. I met everybody I wanted too plus had an awesome time....go for it....

$mokkee said...

thanks for putting the break even poker legacy to sleep once and for all.

congrats on 2nd too

lightning36 said...

Congrats on grabbing the bounty.

Yep - heckuva comeback by Don (didn't hurt when his steal attempt busted my pocket Jacks), who got back-to-back victories with the Bodonkey and the Mookie the night before.

Second place + the bounty -- nice night for you!