Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 Goals

I didn't really set any Poker Goals in 2008 (Due to R.E. woes and additions to family and moving etc...etc.)
.......but accomplished more than I thought I would by far.

1. First MTT win (900 entry on Stars for 2,250.00)
2. First online 1,000.00 plus prize
3. Multiple 1,000.00 plus cashes in MTT's and Made a decent amount of final tables in MTT's overall
4. First ever 2,000.00 plus prize
5. First legitimate Bloggament win (during B.B.T. for 550.00 plus)
6. Get into B.B.T. T.O.C. and made a decent profit in the B.B.T.
7. Cashed in a Sunday Major (Bodog's 100K is still a Sunday major in my book....made it 13th place)
8. Made some cash from advertising on blog and use it for Poker bankroll
9. Met some more bloggers in person and actually played poker against/with in a live setting
10. Made a sizable profit on poker and poker related stuff for the year
11. Paid some sizable bills with Poker profits.... Poker Goals for 2009.....

Everything I did in 2008 plus :

1. Make final table in Bodog 100K
2. Cash in the PokerStars Sunday majors especially the PokerStars Million
3. Cash in the WCOOP
4. Enter a MTT at the World Poker Finals, The World Poker Classic (both at Foxwoods) and or the W.S.O.P (This is the most unrealistic of poker goals for a father of two toddlers and bills up the wazoo)
5. Cash in an FTOPS tourney (I still cannot do anything on FTP except win a bloggament but hey....this is a goal list right?)
6. Win a 1,000 plus entry MTT on PokerStars or FTP
leading to this....a 5K plus cash!
7. Make BBT TOC again...and nice profit overall again
8. Make Bodonkey TOC
9. Reverse my STT tilt on PokerStars and FTP leading to more deep final table cashes in MTT's and better overall final table play (top 3)
10. Pay more and larger bills with Poker profits (basically poker has become a part time job in a way...much more enjoyable than a job)
11. Do not let Poker interfere with any family time (This one is hard but I am by nature a night-owl type so I have been able to do this in 2008 and will continue in 2009 unless the U.I.E.G.I.A.UGLYF'NL. prevents me)
12. Play some live cash games at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun (see #4)
12a. Win a Charity Poker tournament (this was done in the past but when I went back to one a couple of years ago I saw the worst poker ever...and the people who played the worst still won. Anyway there are still some good card rooms that are popular in N.H. and they are starting to get a little bit better....they also have W.S.O.P satellites etc.)
12b. Continue to change my play and adapt like I decided to do in 2008 (obviously this involves implementing concepts from reading and studying books, strategy, training videos, and hand histories)
12c. Have a good outlook....remain matter what the situation does make a difference

I'm off to a good start with two final tables in 2009 on Bodog and Stars (along with a satellite win into the Sunday Mil this coming Sunday)....and the 15$ Turbo STT's on Bodog....donklicious!

So good luck at the tables and I hope everybody makes their poker goals this year...and maybe...just of us can final table a massive online or live final table!!!!!!!!

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