Monday, January 05, 2009

Good Sunday on Stars

Bing :

PokerStars Tournament #129737080, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $25.00/$2.50
2007 players
Total Prize Pool: $50175.00
Tournament started 2009/01/04 20:00:00 ET

Dear DoubleDave,

You finished the tournament in 59th place.
A $80.29 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 140.11 tournament leader points in this tournament.

Bang :

PokerStars Tournament #131673728, No Limit Hold'em
Super Satellite
Buy-In: $10.70/$1.00
72 players
Total Prize Pool: $770.40
Target Tournament #131669903 Buy-In: $215.00
3 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2009/01/04 16:50:00 ET

Dear DoubleDave,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
You qualified to play in Tournament #131669903 and are automatically registered for it.
See Tournament #131669903 Lobby for further details.

If you choose to unregister from this tournament your account will be credited
with $215.00 Tournament dollars. Tournament dollars can be used to buy into
any tournament.

Boom :

PokerStars Tournament #129737024, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
972 players
Total Prize Pool: $22720.00
Tournament started 2009/01/04 19:15:00 ET

Dear DoubleDave,

You finished the tournament in 6th place.
A $965.61 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 255.92 tournament leader points in this tournament.

So fuggin' close.....

Quite a good Sunday for me....while most of you were practicing bad bankroll management Ala this......I was avoiding my inevitable FTP bankroll burning by avoiding it completely...and you know what? I'll probably avoid it completely until the BBT4 rears its beautifully ugly head. Last year I missed the first month because of real estate recovery......but not this year! Props to whoever made that banner by the way....I saw 'The Dark Knight' this past weekend and it was everything I hoped for. This part of the movie was classic...thereby making a classic banner. Looks like the work of Mookie. Sorry about not pimping this Goat...but things got hectic here during the know how it is with 5 kids or whatever you're up to now. So anyway among other Bankroll destroying tourneys....I've been playing at Bodog a lot. Even more now that the Bodonkey is over. I made a run at the 100K again yesterday to no avail. Lets just say that I was about to triple up with about 340 people left until an ace on the river dashed all hopes of going deep two weeks in a row. I guess I'll have to enter into some of those satellites and build up some tourney bankroll bucks that are so sought after on Bodog. Again...I'm not in any hurry about going back to Fukk Tilt Puker. I must include the following banner brought to us by AlCanthang and the wonderful people at FTP..........BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just in case this doesn't get big head excited...........let the following get the little head excited! (this picture does so many things for me)

One more thing on a serious note....

I was getting caught up on other peoples holiday scores and whatever and saw this happen to someone in the blogosphere......not something you want to hear about but something that we should all know about....and we can all do something about if possible......

VinNay :

Calling out the Bloggers

I know I owe a winter gathering trip report, but something more important has come up.

A friend of mine, Jeff, has had an unfortunate Christmas. His home was destroyed by a fire on Christmas morning and declared a total loss. Fortunately, he was not home at the time and no one was hurt, but he did lose his cat Maurice, along with all of his possessions. The fire was started in his tenants apartment, and quickly spread throughout the house. To make matters worse, he was just laid off from his long time manufacturing job.

Jeff is a home game poker player, and reader of many of your blogs. He is a RPG'er, and beer drinker. He is a hard-working fucker who has battled dyslexia his whole life. He's a toker, and he only has one ball. He's a flyers fan (I guess I can forgive him for that). He's one of the most generous people I know. And he needs some help.

We have set up a site to help raise some money for him to help get him back on his feet. If you can give that would be great, but please do me a favor and link up the site for me.

I'll owe you one. I'll pimp your affiliate codes, I'll pimp your blogs, I'll buy you drinks at the Bash or next gathering, whatever you want, just ask.

We are also going to be having some benefits at local Buffalo establishments over the next few weeks (details forthcoming on donation site). We will be raffling some good shit away, there will be open bars, live music and other fun. If your so inclined, come on up or down to Buffalo, you can crash at my place and we can hit the poker room at Seneca Niagara.


lj said...

nice job. keep kicking ass!!

lightning36 said...

Nice heater at JokerStars!

I'm refinancing and consolidating my mortgages. Damn -- the new low rates will save me a lot of what I lost when I sold my old house. Yowsa!