Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cat Puke Tilt III

So my cat 'Bruin' comes into the dining room (where I play poker on laptop) and steps into the hallway behind me......then pukes a pile of bile. Just like old times for good 'ol Bruin. I had two previous Cat puke tilt segments in past years. It always seems to happen when I am in an important situation during a poker tournament. Maybe I'm playing a poker tournament all the time you I can't play as much as I used to....I say. It was pretty late last night and my daughter always comes running out of her bedroom and runs into our room so she can sleep in our bed. I had to clean it up right away. I could just see her run out and slip on a pile of cat puke and start crying etc. So I put myself on the 'sit out next hand' feature on PokerStars. I clean it up and the money bubble breaks right before I get back...I mean it wasn't a huge tourney but the 15+1.50 NLHE at 10PM ET on Stars. Why am I telling you all this? The cat disappeared for 8 days last week. I let him out right before the coldest week of February. He's done this disappearing act twice before...always during the coldest part of the winter. I thought a coyote got him or something. I was driving home from work and I saw a coyote on the road. The person who had apparently just hit him pulled over to the side of the road. The thing was quite the large animal...I thought it was wolf or something. I mean this coyote was the size of a large husky or something. So the cat comes back after eight days of whatever it was doing and howls at the door. My wife let him in and he slept for like 2 or 3 days. He lost a lot of weight, was dehydrated and tired. My wife said that she saw some shag rug stuck in his paws. Somehow this cat gets invited into houses in the neighborhood and apparently lounges around until the kick him out. Either that or he found and old rolled up rug somewhere to keep warm enough in the cold weather. After a few days of sleep, water, and food the cat seems to be back to normal. He is still skinny as a rail and was the source of a large amount of laughter two nights ago. He was standing on our bed and meowing. He's skinny and his spine is sort of visable and his back was arched downward. I was looking at him and although his fur is cool looking and he has this design like a tiger/leopoard...he looked downright pathetic. My wife looks at him and says "Look at Bruin...he looks like a broken donkey" I stated laughing so hard I started to cough a bronchial cough for 5 minutes. It seemed such an appropriate comment for our pathetic looking cat. My wife is so damn funny sometimes.......

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lightning36 said...

Our cat is a typical female -- all friendly when she wants food or petting!

She never disappears for very long. She's always coming back, waiting for us to fill that food bowl that never seems to get filled fast enough for her.