Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 10

I was an hour late for the WCBOOP PLO last night. I may have done a lot better if I had just not played at all. This guy was on the table..looks like he was well on his way to making the money. The other guy that knocked me out hit his 6 so I guess putting me all in was a given. RIGHT? I mean even though I raised 3XBB with AA97 double suited he had to call and raise me all in right? You know pairing one of your cards out or 4 is definitely worth defending...right? Can't you just smell the sarcasm???? Of course it's a monkey I guess I'll see you there tonight. This guy actually made the final table and came in fourth overall. Give a hand to

So...on to my Music to commute to work to 'the series' and the final part of Volume 1....Part 10.

After commuting to work to various heavy songs I had the pleasure of listening to 'All Nightmare Long' before I got to my office. The office which is located in the main building of the main complex of the main campus of the island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle in my mind. Side note : I love run-on sentences...are there writers (not that I'm a writer or anything) that have run-on sentences. If so what do they do with there writings when said sentences are to be edited. What if there is no editor...who publishes run-on sentences. These are things that legitimately keep me from composing stories and such. Where was I? Oh yes...the final submission of my series...Vol. 1 of 'Music to commute to work to in the morning'...Part 10. My beloved 20K plus employees of P&MS LOL Inc. on my island and main complex etc. are eagerly awaiting my latest unveiling. Little do they know that this soundtrack is listened to constantly by there CEO, CIO, CII, COO, CAA, CAB, CAC (all other C-titles as well) Ombudsman, Chairman of the Board and benevolent course. I chose not to embed the video for the following song because it may take away from the sheer brilliance of the song. Another thing to be happy about is Rick Rubin..he of the Slayer albums. I'm not a rap music/techno. metal guy but Rick is the guy who helps a band like Slayer put out edgy stuff 25 years after they started. That's right...Rick Rubin who brought the Metallica Mojo of the late 80's back to this album is signed up for the next one as well. That my friends and fans of Metallica is the best news you have heard in a long time. The video for 'All nightmare long' is pretty cool though. I think that Michael Bay should have used this song for his latest 'Transformers' movie...maybe for a huge battle scene of something...can't you see it. Maybe not....most of you probably aren't as twisted a visionary as myself. I do have an eye for this sort of thing though...believe it! Instead he went with that techno-metal garbage spewed by Linkin Park (yes I know I just lauded Rick Rubin for his work with Slayer...but not with bands like LP). Hear one song you have heard them all is what I go forth my employee of P&MS LOL Inc. and fuel up for the day...or the ride home in order to play the WBCOOP tonight :

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Benjamin said...

Absolutely fantastic 8 mins of music there, and a definite favorite song of mine. Tahnks for posting.