Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music to commute to work to in the morning-Part 9

Well my fine 15,000 plus employees we have come to a crossroads with P&MS LOL. We are apparently moving to a new location. The current Building complex, Office complex, and campus complex is not enough to fit all of the employees and manufacturing space for our new product. The vaunted P&MSLOLHeavyFlowWWings product that I've demonstrated for you has made us all rich. With the current IP and seed money acquired through advanced future marketing is so large that a small country's GDP is not quite as large. We are moving to an island off of the East coast...in between Bermuda and the Gulf....somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. 15,000 plus employees *GASP*
Fear not as long as we can listen to old school and nu metal we have fear of losing anything...and remember that being employees of P&MS LOL you have access to the P&MSLOLHeavyFlowWWings and your commute to our work in the Bermuda Triangle will be easy peasy! With that said (run-on sentence and all...we are absolved of all liability with our LOL you will remember) I have to bring our latest power source for your commuting and listening pleasure. Just remember not to punch anybody in the face during the commute or after getting to our Main office, on our main complex, on our main campus, on our newly acquired island in the Bermuda Triangle....OK? So we are going old school today....and like one of my favorite CD's of all time is titled : So far...So Good...So What!!

Other than that is anybody playing the WBCOOP tonight and the rest of the week?
I am....see you there and hopefully at the final table or something....

Edit : Happy Birthday EVH!

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