Friday, January 22, 2010

Music to commute to work to-Part 7, Descent into madness

It is Friday.
My recent descent into madness is close to being over.

I'm here at the main office in the main building in the main complex on the main campus of Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff LOL (I was asked about getting an LLC but an LOL is actually better....Limited amount Of Liability...which means no liability for ruptured eardrums and aversions to run-on sentences) I'll just call it P&MS LOL from now on. I am here as CEO and Chairman of the Board of P&MS LOL to tell my 10,000 plus employees that I have created a new product in our quest to take over the world. It is a flying car technology that you may have noticed on futuristic shows such as the Jetsons or the movie Blade Runner etc. There is one thing that fuels this car and it is green as green can be for all of you tree huggers and Gore-bots. I will demonstrate the technology for all employees RIGHT NOW! It runs on Heavy Metal...NO...not heavy metals like mercury and other toxic metals...Heavy Metal as in music. We will submit this technological wonder to the world soon after the 2010 mid-term elections. However, there are some people that can use the technology to retro-fit their current gas guzzling cars. ONLY employees of P&MS LOL will be able to use said technology to commute to work. The best thing about this technology is that it fits on any make, model, year, car you can find. From a 1920 Ford Model T to a 2010 GvtChevy Corvette. That's right! It attaches to the gas tank and/or the radio/8-track tape player/cassette/CD/MP3/MP4 player and anything else that plays music. There is one side effect of said retro-fit technology. It causes Road Rage in some employees....namely myself...this morning. Some moron almost hit me head-on this morning...then after I started to freak out I pressed the 'HEAVY FLOW' button and BEHOLD....I was flying. I forgot about my own technology! It may cause Road Rage because you have to listen to Heavy Metal at a very loud volume level. Who cares about road rage when you are flying though....GET IT! Let me demonstrate...I'll get me a nice heavy Nu METAL song and apply it to my custom retrofit heavy loader...which is attached to my 6 CD changer on my truck and Viola!

The 10,000 plus employees at P&MS *GASP*

Amplified Microphone attached to my truck (now flying and powered by the Metal):
"You see...I am reporting to you over the 20,000 acre campus right now....oh shit! I am running out of fuel...I forgot to load Part 7 of my Music-series....hold it folks"

"Ah....that is latest submission to Music to commute to work to...Part 7 that is"
"I will call this new technology......P&MSLOLHeavyFlowwithWings"

10,000 plus P&MS LOL employees *GASP*

Amplified Microphone attached to my truck (now flying and powered by the Metal): "Have a nice weekend people....and don't forget to keep it a secret until next year....."

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