Monday, January 25, 2010

Music to commute to work to-Part 8

I'm here at the main office in the main building in the main complex on the main campus of Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff LOL. It is a rainy Monday...if being Monday wasn't bad enough...a deluge of rain is the icing on a crap cake. As I was commuting to work today I popped on another gem from my past. It's another Nu metal type song...probably the last in this series. It's not a well known song but has captured the perfect commute to work angst that fills my rainy Monday with joy. At least we have a great Championship/Bowl to look forward to in the N.F.L. (No Fun League especially due to all the Soupbowl restrictions and legalize.....remember P&MS LOL has no Liability especially to the ruptured eardrum set and folks with aversions to run-on sentences for you crazy law types and legal geeks). But I digress.....Number 8 on my series of music to commute to work to!

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