Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is very funny....to me anyway.....

The search engine in google and sitemeter has the following as a huge referral for my blog :

Search Engine
Search Words
song used in massachusetts miracle
Visit Entry Pagehttp://pokerandmisc....husetts-miracle.html
Visit Exit Pagehttp://pokerandmisc....husetts-miracle.html

Here is the original post : http://pokerandmisc.blogspot.com/2010/01/massachusetts-miracle.html#links
the link has the song 'Cemetery Gates' by Pantera. It was part of my Music to commute to work to series and now....some people think it is the song used in the 'Massachusetts miracle' where Scott Brown vaulted into Ted Kennedy's old Congressional seat. Now that to me is the ultimate April Fools joke...albeit a little early.


lightning36 said...

They are probably surprised your blog isn't a porn site. Uh -- it isn't, right?

PokahDave said...

Only verbal garbage is your porn.......I could be a purveyor of verbal porn garbage with ease.....