Saturday, August 27, 2005

Concert recap Part II

Actually this is a recap of the pre-concert tailgaiting and drinking....we were lucky enough to have a truckload of hot chicks tripping on mushrooms in front of us in the parking lot. This made for great entertainment as well as good eye candy. I swear there was about 10 of them in a Chevy suburban...they kept running past us as we were sitting in our comfortable lounge chairs. I remember when we used to bring the grill and cook all sorts of food and hang out the whole day but now it's hard get more than one or two friends to go to a concert these days. Anyway, the hot chicks on shrooms next to us must have been about 20-22 years old...that was my guess. We didn't actually talk to them ( man I feel old at a concert now and I'm 34) because they were preoccupied with giddiness. I was thinking it would be good to be twenty again....anyway there was one really hot blond chick that started to kind of freak out. There is always one in the bunch!...she was on a cell phone talking to somebody and started to roll around on the hood of the Chevy Suburban...she seemed to be talking to her boyfriend or someone who was scolding her. Her friends noticed this and they were trying to console her.....pretty soon she was lying on the parking lot on the cell phone and visibly upset. It was actually hilarious to watch.....
This kind of reminded me of the time I went to a Greatful Dead show at Foxboro stadium in 1990! My friend and I had a head full o' shrooms and he started to freak out...after a couple of hours I started to get hungry and decided to grab some pizza...I offered to buy my buddy a piece and he thought that people were trying to poison him! I was like 'just calm down and listen to the music...nobody wants to hurt you man' ....but I we walked into the Allman Bros. show after drinking an 18-pack the hot but freaked out blond chick was still lying on the pavement with her friends surrounding her and she was still on her cell phone!! I walked by and gave them the 'Thumbs up' ....they just kind of looked at me and were like 'what the hell are we going to do!' I just thought back to the days when I was their age and in a similar situation and sort of muttered 'don't try to buy her any pizza!!!'

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