Friday, October 28, 2005

Empire Poker

I was away on a vacation weekend with my wife and daughter in North Conway, NH not too long ago. I being an online addict, brought my laptop and a dial-up internet service with us. My wife glances a skeptical glance at me.......
Wife : "online poker after we go to sleep?"
Me : "It's for checking and changing the fantasy sports league settings...Of course!"
Wife : "uh-huh...So you're not going to play poker?..I mean I don't care if you do but..."
Me : "You two will be sleeping anyway so....."
Wife : "Make sure you can get up at a semi-normal hour tomorrow...ya know like 10:00AM!"
Me : "OK..OK...I will be playing internet poker but I won't drink too many beers....(blatant lie)"
I proceed to kill a bud-light twelve pack during a marathon session of Empire Poker. I did notice that the player count went from about 18,000 on a busy night to an average of about 9,000 active players...that PartyPoker split has hit them hard. I think a lot of the players left are not necessarily good....'Donkeys' if you will. I was killing the NL-PL sit'n'go's...five straight...5.00+1.00 buy-in tables...5,3,1,1,1,...three straight first place sit'n'go's...I have to go for four right? It was about 2:00AM and I had to keep this going...the sixth had to go about 1.5 hours...3:30AM...drunk...come in 3rd...what a night! These Empire Sit'n'go's are soft!! I of course get up at 11:00AM the next day. It was pouring out all weekend (Veterans Day Weekend).

Last weekend I had to miss the PokerStars Blogger comment...I did however get knocked out at about 645th or something close to that.....the folding phantom...I ended up beating more than half the field?!! It just occured to me that I have a terrible problem with run-on sentences...I've had that problem my whole life!! Fuck it! it's a blog...

Well the Sox did win the world series!...oh sorry wrong sox..but I'm glad for them. 1917 is a lot of years to listen to the 'holier than thou' Cub fans...1908...that just doesn't look right. There was probably a lot of Bi-Sox-sual fans here in Boston this year...the parallels were kind of freaky for both teams. But the Cubs are the only 'Cursed' team left...what's up with the stupid 'Billy-Goat' curse anyway..can't think of anything better? I would however like to get to Wrigley Field sometime in my life...I hear it's like going to Fenway Park but much different...whatever that means.

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