Tuesday, November 29, 2005


"Work is the curse of the drinking classes."
Oscar Wilde

It's hard to read all of these WPBT events and not be able to attend. Every damn blog I read everyday is counting down to the Winter Classic. By the time I can actually attend one of these events I'll be fat, gray-haired and old.....Wait a minute I am fat, gray-haired and old. DOH!

I have added some more blogs to my Daily Reads List!

Fish Soup - Soxlover....The adventures of a traveling poker player..who obviously loves NE sports
Ramblings of a Madman... - SirFWALGMan...Boston based online poker player and his online strategies
NickleandDimes - DrizzTDJ...An easy going guy who's caught the poker bug and is a funny bastard
PokerGrub - grubby...This site should be requisite with linking to lasvegasvegas by the PokerProf..grubby and his Las Vegas adventures in poker and food.
WickedChopsPoker - Chips, Snake, and Addict = Poker, Hot chicks, and Online gaming news all in one cool setup
Up For Poker - Online poker adventures from G-Rob, Otis (PokerStars), and CJ ......The UpforAnything.Net Tri-Clops.
Call, Raise or Muck It-Pokerblog - BuyItInVegas...This blog implores you to do something!!..namely Call It, Raise It or freakin' Muck It!!

Well that does it for this month.....I hope everybody has much fun at the Winter Classic.....

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