Friday, December 09, 2005

Daycare is the bane of my existence...

Not that anybody reads this blog or anything but I haven't posted for a while for a reason. My 7 mo. old daughter just had an upper respiratory infection (aka..The "Croup") that she caught from daycare. As if it doesn't cost's a damn mortgage payment! She was in tough shape this week though..nothing like seeing your child cry and cough all night and not be able to do anything about it. I tried to feed her a bottle last night and after she finished the whole thing it came out projectile style all over me....nasty! Since Sept. She's had a bad cold, Conjunctivitis, and now the "Croup". We went to the emergency room at 5:30AM on Monday...she's doing well now I haven't been doing much lately.
There was huge snowstorm here in the Northeast today...we must have had 12-18" of snow outside..and it's not even winter yet..doh!

I did sneak in a few NL MTT tourneys on UltimateBet though...their Turbo and Ultra Turbo MTT's and great for someone who needs a poker fix. The NL MTT's on PokerStars are great but there are so many players that it takes hours upon hours to get to the money. I was in a Limit MTT last knocked out at about 140 but I saw SirFWALGMan doing well and I think he placed 3rd...not bad dude! I did play the Hubble NL MTT freeroll latenight and busted out at around 110 or so...there were more that 5,000 entries!! but only 27 get into the big tourney so I was short-stacked and went all-in with K-10 offsuit....what can I say...I needed chips and also needed to get lucky.

Goals for this month:
Cash in some PokerStars MTT's with bigger buyins..last month I did well but the buyins were small 1-3.00 for each.
Get a home game going at my buddy's house...they are a lot of fun when everybody wants to play and we'll have at least 8 people.
Play a charity tourney and cash in it..there will be some actually after the new maybe not this month.
Play more freerolls..
Win the lottery...
Find a million dollars in the street...etc.

OK...3 out of 6...

I am in 3 ESPN fantasy football leagues and I made the playoffs in all three...not bad..I also vaulted in 770th place in the espn UBER overall standings..not bad considering there are hundreds of thousands of fantasy gamers on ESPN.

The sports teams in Boston this year :

Patriots let Ty Law walk and they desperately need DB's (Although the injuries are the real story here).
RedSox are going to have to trade Manny Ramirez...better get value for him or D. Ortiz is going to suffer.
Bruins trade Joe Thornton for a bag of pucks and a zamboni driver..stupid fucks! (Jeremy Jacobs you should go back to Buffalo and buy the're 30 year reign of mediocrity should end soon).
Celtics...are they going to trade away Paul Pierce? I wouldn't put it past them but they seem to be building for the future.

I feel I'm missing an incredible weekend out in Vegas right now.....


Chilly said...

Croup you say? I think we're heading down a similar path as the little one woke with a "seal bark" cough this morning. Just in time for a holiday weekend and his birthday.

On the bright side, daycare costs more than private elementary school so I get a price break in 4.5 years.

PokahDave said...'s made our lives a non-sleeping, pissed-off, tired, sick...etc. family for the past two just won't go away...hope you don't have the same deal.