Monday, March 27, 2006

Fat Stacks and Weird Rashes

The WPBT Fat Stacks NLHE tourney was a tough one....the toughest yet. I slacked behind the first hour and was able to somehow survive an all-in with Joanne1111. We both had Ax-9x...she was killing me and the whole table for a long time. I did manage to get a good sized stack when I went all-in with a Q-high Spade flush....also against Joanne1111. Then nearing the end of the second hour things got a little outta hand. Someone named Summer_Babe was next to me and they were a tricky-type player. Lo' and behold it was Iggy....with a chick avatar no less....tricky bastage!! There was another guy (Weird Rash) that cracked my aces and I think Iggy's in 2 or 3 hands. I was one of the short stacks...he went all-in for 565....I called with my aces....and then he flops two pair (9's and Q's). Now I'm really short-stacked. I beleive Joanne1111 called my all-in ( I had Qx-10xo) and I get flushed at 29th. It was fun but was the toughest tourney I've played in a while. I guess there's going to be a stud tourney next month...should be fun. I'll have to add to my blogroll later when I get motivated....

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