Thursday, March 30, 2006

Local tourney....WSOP Satellite

I've been missing a lot of local Charity tourneys lately. It's just easier to play online tourneys lately. I've been enjoying the WPBT tourneys and the POY race...That's me in the 12-spot. Iggy has set up a new WSOP 1500.00 prize buy-in.....Get over the PokerStars and enter. I forgot how loose those STT's are at PokerStars...I'm playing the low buy-in STT's but I'm also cashing in 75% of them. I can't get down to Foxwoods this year for the Poker Classic but I know someone who's trying to cash right now. I am however playing a NL MTT against a bunch of crusty old drunks at a local establishment. This "place" is a local bar that has poker tables right as you walk into the front door...I couldn't believe it. My brother-in-law told me about it and he says that the play is realllllly bad!! I guess I'll see how it goes. If you go all-in with say A's some old curmudgeon will say something like..."huh! young guys all think A's are a good hand...I see them get cracked all the time..I call!! My Jacks are a much better hand". As the guy loses all his chips he mutters more unintelligible insults. "Have you ever won a tourney here (I picture myself asking sarcastically) sir?" "Huh? I never seem to win...evertime I call I get knocked out!! If it wasn't for you meddling kids...ALLIN!...ALLIN!!! all the time!! I would have won one of these goddamn things"!!! he walks away to the bar I think to myself (Just like in one of those old Scooby-Doo episodes...the gang solves the crime and ol' man Winters gets cuffed and stuffed). This is the kind of bar that hasn't changed in fifty years! The furniture....or the regulars....most of them look like this.........

.......Believe it or not but this is Eddie Van the local bar that I'm going to play a NL tourney at....for the love of all that is holy and good...what the fuck happened Eddie?!!!

Remember if you like Hockey....Harry Sinden and Jeremy Jacobs suck ass!!! They've somehow fleeced the local fans once again. First trading Joe Thornton...then firing Mike O'Connell (GM) for doing their dirty work..You guys truly suck. 30+ years of futility and counting. I can't wait to go to a Red Sox game this year...a real team...with real atmosphere at the park.
Adam Vinatieri...thanks for all the clutch kicks and the memories...It's not going to fun to see Adam beat the Pats in Foxboro but good for the Colts fans. The first clutch player they've ever seen will grace their turf.


Felicia :) said...

Cancer sucks.

But yeah, part of it had to be his lifestyle, too.

Anonymous said...

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