Sunday, April 02, 2006

STT fever!

I've been playing a lot of STT's lately. I had to change my results from the MTT blues. I won a 10+1 on Paradise from the leftover money after the WPBT event. The PokerStars STT's are so loose its ridiculous. I also took second in my last 10+1 buy-in last night. I think I've been placing in 75% of the STT's lately I swear...just what I needed to change my results. I have been playing well lately in the WPBT POY race though...I'm in 12th place. I also played in a "local bar" MTT last Thursday and placed 7th...the last paid spot. I was kicking some serious ass when the money was announced. I wanted to steal the blinds and I looked at Ks-Qs...I pushed. Guy next to my inst-calls. He turns up K's and I'm done. That is also a league at the bar and I think I might go back to that tourney. It's still funny to see the young kids is Phil Ivey wannabe the other is Mike Mizrachi wannabe (sideways-hat goof). I wasn't ready to deal at this tourney..I'm used to being dealt to especially at a tourney. The deal rotates with the blinds with the dealer behind the SB. I had a good image right away...I screwed up the deal and dropped one of my cards face up. Everybody sort of pegged me as a newbie. I started catching good hands late in the tourney and placed 7th so that's not bad out of 50.

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