Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WSOP Satellite...Busted out at 8th

First off...I was tired. I didn't get any sleep the night before and my daughter was coughing all night Sunday. She was a little better on Monday but still sort of miserable. I got home late from work..crap-ass commute as usual. My wife was also exhausted so she turned in early.....I fired up the PC at 8:30 after feeding and medicating my daughter. I'm already in violation of 4 of my "rules to play on-line poker". What the hell....It is my dream to play a tourney at the WSOP...isn't it everybody's? I find 92 player in the tourney...nice. My first table was a killer but I fluctuated from 4,500-5,500 for the first two hours! I really amped up the bluffs and they started to work after I showed a couple of real hands. Down to 30 left...I get put all-in after I raise the blinds...I look down at Qx-Qx and call immediately. Much to my chagrin Ax-Ax is staring at me again. I flop a Q and eventually double-up. That's really where I thought I had a chance...But I wasn't sorry about cracking aces. I forget the person who had the aces but he was a good player. (I'll have to check the hand history). I made 2 out of 4 of the final tables in the WPBT POY race. The PLO tourney was a milli-second appearance at the final table due to my being knocked-out but still placing 9th. Anyway, The final table was fairly even with big stacks..medium stacks (me) and small stacks. I find Ah-Jh and I raise...Lucko21 calls and he apparently flopped two pair on the Jx-10x-7x flop. He doubles-through me on that one...I was trying to be aggressive with the TPTK and it failed. I should have played that much more carefully..I know I'm better than that but I shouldn't have been playing anyway. I got knocked out soon after with pocket 3's by pocket 6's..I think it was GCox. He made a nice comeback from his short-stack with 66 twice in a row. I was so exhausted at 2:30AM that I was too tired to get mad.....the more I think about how close I was to going to a WSOP tourney the more I get mad. But...."that's poker...now suck it up" as T.J. Cloutier would say. I did still have a lot of fun and thanks to Iggy....no less than 2 people get to go to the WSOP. He donated 200 and change for the second seat...THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE. I guess I'll settle for 5th in the POY race.....

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