Friday, October 20, 2006

Interesting hands...Straight down to the felt!

I played at the local bar last night(40.00 NL tournament). There are always good players there.....and there are an equal amount of bad players. I was sitting at a tough table. There were 3 hands that got me flustered.
The first one was a pocket pair of 10's. Some guy across the table re-raised my T300 raise(it was extremely early in the tournament)with T1400....I figured him for a high pocket pair. He showed 9's after somebody else called and they checked it down. I would have hit my straight on the river with a board of Jx, Qx, 9x, 3x, and an 8x.
The second one I had a pocket pair of Q's. The short stack at the table (who I would battle with at the end) went all-in T1000 with Qx, Jx....I went all-in over the top with about T1450. The guy to my left calls (he has a good stack of chips) with Ax-Kx. After the carnage the board reads 10x, Qx, 9x, 2x, 8x...straight on the river...this would become the theme for the rest of the night. I took the side pot for about T900 and the guy who won with the straight takes the main pot. He has about T2500 now...
The third and last hand for both of us happened about 10 minutes before the break. The guy who took the majority of my stack on the last hand. He is early in position and bets out 900 (blinds were at SB150-BB300)I was in middle position with pocket 10's again and I called all-in. Another guy from late position calls for T900 and the chip monster (who bet me off my 10's earlier and now has a monster chipstack) calls T900...the flop....8s, 10s, 7x....I was fucking pumped....ready to quadruple-up! So the guy that started the hand in early postion goes all-in 'he must have a hand' I thought. I was already all-in so I was looking for the chip monster to call....and he did. After what seemed an eternity of histrionics and hollywood acting he calls. Early position bettor-8x 8x, Me-10d-10c, late caller who folded early position guys all-in Ax-Jx and Chip Monster 9x-9x again with OESD!
Now the board is 10s-8s-7h....the turn was Kd....and much to my chagrin the PartyPoker fucking 6 on the river. He hits the river straight AGAIN!!!!! The bar was very loud during this hand...people screaming at the top of their was pretty exciting to play there again (It's only been a month and a half but it feels like a year). My quote "Nice fucking six on the river you fucking cocksucker"! It probably sounded like "Nice fucken six on the fucken cocksuckah!" I never do that but I just up and blurted it out. I was probably belligerent due to the fact that I can't get out much anymore (wife back in school for another advanced degree and toddler at home)and it's going to hurt if I can't play online anymore in the future. So much for my calm demeanor. He smiled and just raked a monster pot into his already massive chipstack, knocked out two players, and crippled another.

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