Wednesday, November 01, 2006

36 on the 30th

Well, I haven't posted much lately. I decided to take a couple days off from work for my 36th birthday and Halloween. I usually get home from work on Halloween too late to take out my 1.5 year old daughter....wait a minute....I couldn't take her out to TrickorTreat before this year anyway....but I digress. Last year I carried her to the next door neighbors....this year she practically ran down the hill...I actually had to chase her for a second! The rest of the TrickorTreat time was spent trying to calm her down from her sugar high. I also handed out candy to the locals (cute kids in costumes and slacker teenagers with no costume and bad attitudes. If you have no costume then don't come to my door looking for candy! Two punks walked up to my door with nothing but fat and attitude dripping off of them. I shit you kid walked up to my door and stood there while I was holding the candy. He looks at me after standing there for a few seconds and says " expect me to pick the candy up too?" I looked at him and his fat little friend and told them to get lost....ahhh wonderful Lawrence, Massachusetts. Then a half hour later my neighbors across the street were talking to each other and some punks shot a paint gun at them. It was an automatic so a bunch of pellets smashed on the poor ladys townhouse (white paint on the wall and pink paint pellets from the punk in the car)and one also hit the next door neighbor's wife in the leg. This town is pretty fucked up.

I had to cancel a Sunday night trip to Mohegan Sun because a buddy of mine was going to be in court (testifying...not for himself). The Sunday night cancellation allowed me to play the WPBT Stud event...a whopping 17 or 18 people showed up! I should have stayed away seeing as how I flamed out first. I played well....but I didn't have any luck. The two hands that crippled me and knocked me out were ridiculous. I believe it was BadBlood who replied to someone elses comment "That was more like a friggin' Train-Wreck!".....that about sums it up. The first ridiculous hand was a crippling blow by the hand of Hoyazo. We both had A-high fucking flushes...I think he had A-Q high flush to my A-J high flush....I didn't look at the hand history but it was that bad. I also had A's so I think I played it correct when I was drawing to my flush....which we both hit on 7th street. Again, I could be wrong about the exact hands but I didn't play it wrong. The second hand that knocked me out was one of the UpForPoker dudes. He had the 2-7-2...I think (again I didn't look at the hand history since I had to smash some furniture after the hand knocked me out) I had K-8-8. I knew he had nothing but position on me...he raised..I re-raised...he called...I was all-in soon thereafter. I thought that he had 2's...that was until 7-street brought another 2 for a set. Again, I may be wrong about the last hand but my read was right. So I'm not doing well lately in the WPBT. I have been doing well at these ultra-low buyin Turbo MTT's on UltimateBet. I miss playing at UltimateBet...some of my biggest wins were on that site a couple of years ago. I'm still an ultra-low stakes player to this day.
I had nothing to do on Monday the 30th (my 36th birthday thank you)so I decided to head down to Foxwoods! I went with the intention of playing the 100.00 super-sattelite that is usually offered and starts at 10:00AM. Well due to traffic and bad weather I got there at 10:30AM and found out it was cancelled. I figured I'll try a couple of ACTI STT's (Foxwoods has ACTI tourneys for in top three and get a buy-in to a 100+20 first and get a 1050 buy-in to an in top 10% and get a buy-in the BigOne-10,000 WPT event Fall Poker Classic) I placed 3rd in the second ACTI to get a buy-in to the 120 ACTII....which I placed 4th in and got nothing. Second place gets another 120 for another ACTII. After three different ACT tourneys I needed a change of pace....1-2 NL Hold'em. I sat down and the action seemed pretty crazy as usual. I bought in for 100.00 because the cap 'used to be' 100. They raised it to 300.00 on Sunday the 29th. After a few hours I brought my total to about 220.00...but after a few more hours I lost concentration and left with about 50.00. I should rename myself A.D.D.....Attention Deficit Dave. I just lost concentration after playing in the same game for 6 hours. I can usually do this without a problem but not lately. I made the most money on a pocket pair of Queens and lost the most on A-Qo. Go figure...they giveth and taketh away. During the time I spent there I noticed some people. (Greg Brady lookalike who sat next to me and his name is Barry...isn't that the real name of Greg Brady?....) There was also assorted punks with sideways hats and headscarves?? and assorted piercings in their faces. The sidways hat thing bugs me the most...just want to slap the shit out the kid.....of course they always have the ghetto the punks that came to my door on Halloween. There was also some guy playing in the ACT tournaments who looked like a cross between Bad Santa and the Gorton's fisherman.....yeah...he was a hoot. There was another guy who sat next to me who could've passed for Tony Danza...or at least I would've believed him if he told me he was his brother. I also saw another guy sitting at a table that was a virtual mountain of flesh...I mean this guy was huge. He looked like he was wearing a tire made of flesh around his neck! I'm not exactly in the greatest of shape but this guy is going to have a heart attack if somebody suprises him or scares him. Which in all honesty is possible seeing as how distracted I was with these assorted freaks. I guess I just answered my own problem...I was distracted by freaks. I lost concentration at the table because it was like a Halloween costume party in the Foxwoods poker room. The table behind us started up a 150-300 limit hold'em game....there were another bunch of mooks at that table. Some guy who looks like a Sopranos' character rakes a huge pot, looks at the rest of the guys at the table and states " fuckin homos....just another day at Foxwoods"!

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