Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Poker and Misc. Stuff (with some bad grammer mixed in)

Unless your hiding under a rock you must know about the if you want to test your MTT mettle then get involved in the following....bitches!!!

This week so far:
Strike one on M.A.T.H
Strike two at the WWdN : Weekly NLHE
???? Tonight at the 'Mookie'?????

Tournament: The Mookie

When: Wednesday. 10pm ET
Buyin: $10+1
Password: vegas1

Tournament: Riverchasers Tour Event #9

When: Thursday, May 3rd, 9:00pm ET
Buyin: $10 1
Password: riverchasers9

How 'bout them RedSox.........and how 'bout them Patriots. Both teams have brought so much excitement in the past few years. The BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! The look on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick's faces at the end of the playoffs last year means one thing for this year. Superbowl!! You know it....I know after the draft and free agent pickups....everybody knows it!
As for the Sox....if anybody had any doubts or have wond
ered what a pro thinks...then read 38pitches
Read Curt S. verbally bitch-slap that IDIOT Gary Thorne (stick to hockey you least you do something right). Even though Mr. Thorne decided to recant his statement....he still made one of the all time gaffs in broadcast history.
Another entertaining link for you politicos out there.....It's an interesting read on the politics of politics (huh?).

I'm going up to North Conway, NH this weekend for a wedding. Should be a great time with some golf and partying mixed in. I'm thinking about selling my will be tough to give up. It's a 2 bedroom flat on a 9-hole golf course. If
I sell it then I'm going to WSOP with 20K in my pocket.....just kidding. I'm going to invest much of it into my small house. I'll fix it up and put a porch on. It's not in bad shape but it needs a new roof and vinyl siding etc. The porch is needed because I'm a (sit-on-the-porch-with-a-brew-and-a-grill-kind-of-guy) porch lover. In a couple of years I'll probably sell that house too....then buy my parents house. Can't wait for that (has an awesome roofed porch that I grew up on). So anyway, I'll end up bringing my new laptop PC so I can dial-in and play a couple of late-night tourneys. It killed me when I went of vacation last year.....because I couldn't play online poker for a week! (actually I snuck out on the fam. to play at my weekly bar league NLHE tourney....and cashed). Now at least I don't have to worry about my laptop PC dying mid-tourney or right before the final table.

I can't believe my daughter is two years old now (actually on Cinco de Mayo).
It makes me think of how much my priorities have changed. I used to be sooooooooo mad if my A's got cracked by 8' in last nights Daily Double B tourney on Full Tilt. Now it's funny.My parents have graciously offered to babysit for the weekend while we go to a wedding.....PARTY TIME!!!! There just isn't anything more important than family (and babysitters who happen to be your parents). I'm rambling here....but it's true. So this weekend I'll be watching a new family formed before my eyes. They will however be blurry with booze........
I'll be going to another bachelor party in June. The last of my high school friends is finally going to get married on June 30th. We are all 35-36 and I'm still going to bachelor parties. Here is the email of the June 2nd's not Vegas but it worthy of a........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ok all I have booked the limo, the golf times, and I will get all food and booze.
Here are the details:
Saturday June 2, 2007
9:00-10am meet at Rick's
I have two Foursomes booked at 10:32am 18holes,Falmouth Country Club(resident rate), with cart
I will get all food and booze
I booked a party Van from 8-2am
In short all expenses outside of lap dances will be included the amount per person is roughly $100-120 a person. If you are not playing golf it will be around $50-70. Please let me know if you are not playing. Remember Golf really is just a bunch of fat white guys drinking beers and hitting a ball. No one is a serious handicapper. Any questions let me know.

Hopefully lot of these will be doing this :

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