Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2nd place finish in M.A.T.H.

That makes a 1st, 2nd, and 2nd out the last 5 or so. After a few suck outs and some well timed aggression I came in 2nd in M.A.T.H again. If it wasn't for the tourney I would be in 200th place or something. I had some battles with RecessRampage.....he reads me too well. I raised with a steal with the KingJackoff.....he pushed over the top....I thought about it and folded. I know there is a note about me that he must have (it might read something like this....if this donkey raises just push over the top...he'll fold) I forgot how well he plays against me....and I still didn't adjust. I sucked out with K-6o when I pushed in the SB into his K-Jo in the BB...another good read but I flopped a K and a 6. I later pushed under the gun with 8's and Bdidde called with A-10o. I doubled up there and later he pushed into my Q's. Q's finally held up for me and I felt indestructible at that point. I was ultra-aggressive up to the final table. That's what it takes in this tourney....I just have a knack that I can't tap into with more than 6 players at the table lately. I had to shift gears at the final table....I had literally no good hands. I did get aces with four left and everybody folded to me :( I got down to 3 (me, Blinders, and Shabazz-no link I can find) with some steals and re-steals. Shabazz Jenkins played me well and made a huge suck out with J's against Blinders A's when we were 3 handed. I think the flop had two Kings but the vaunted J fell on the river. I could hear Blinders scream from the West Coast. SJ had me out chipped like 15 to 1. I got A-Jo and SJ pushed into me with...KK.....I couldn't flop the Ace and that's how the tourney ended. Congrats Shabazz.

On the other front I can say goodbye to 'PokahDave' on Full Tilt. Ala this guy......the same exact thing happened to him when he made a big score. I am going to have to go back to being 'DDionysus'. goodbye rake back....goodbye FullTilt-PokahDave. I guess you have to be a 'name' player to get your FullTilt handle changed. I never multi-accounted but to FullTilt there is a policy that you can't ever play there with a different name. No matter how long you cancelled and re-joined. I cancelled (so I thought) back before the beginning of the year. After my real estate woes ended I signed back up in late March and became 'PokahDave'. I got an email that today that says 'PokahDave' is closed. I sent an email asking why I wasn't in the BBT3 free roll and well....that triggered the alarm!. I hope the matter is resolved soon or I'll be down and out of the BBT for a bit. So I replied to Full Tilt's customer service with the requested info. to resolve the matter. So the next time I see you I will be DDionysus again OK! After the matter is resolved I'll maybe post the email. I hope this doesn't cause any confusion with the BBTers or anybody else for that matter. I think mostly all people in the BBT3 know that I was the artist or the more apropos 'Donkey' formerly known as 'DDionysus'.

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