Monday, May 12, 2008

Miscellaneonday II

Why is everybody registered for the Full Tilt BBT3 freeroll but me? Al? Riggs?(I say Riggs because I heard him talking about it on livepokerradio last week) Can anybody explain this?

I was reading an looking up some old strategy archives on PocketFives and discovered this gem
I would try that strategy when going deep into tourneys....but then again...I play low limit buy-ins. There is also the problem of changing strategies over time...the article was from early in '06. A lot has changed since then. So my question for those of you who win often is Do you do anything different when deep in a NL MTT then you did say 2 years ago? I notice how the big wins seem to come in bunches for some of you....just curious as to what kind of strategy you might use in the 50.00 and less buy-in tourneys when already in the cash and heading to the final table.

Prop bets for bloggers who cash in the Series.....advertisements for livepokerradio.....I'm liking Bodog more and more everyday! I can't get anything done on FullTilt lately so Bodog has been kind as usual.

You are invited to play in, post or forward this information.

Bodog has just revealed its first 2008 WSOP couple prop bets. The first prop to go up lets you bet on which poker blogger will win the most money at the WSOP Main Event! Place your bet at

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As always look for these tourneys every week for the BBT3 and beyond!
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The Mookie
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There are something like 13 tourneys left to get a seat or just play like a champ....

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katitude said...

When you posted the BBT3 graphic, did you go back to FT and enter your blog address? Better email FT :-)

PokahDave said...

Probably not..but thanks. I'll email FullTilt.I think I fucked up the Bodog one like this also...FUCK!