Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm 1-3 business days

That is the message I got from Full Tilt after sending 20 emails to their support. After 5 days (where have you heard this before) they finally re-enabled my non-rake back account 'DDionysus'. I thought I retired DD but that's the way it goes. I logged into my account and there was .90 cents. I freaked out again but the policy is that the money will transfer over from the now defunct 'PokahDave' in 1-3 business days. I guess they are going to refund the tournament dollars for the FTOPS 55.00 satellite also. So much for playing M.A.T.H. tonight. I guess I'm just glad to get my 900.00 back with an account on Full Tilt. What a pain....I would have just re-signed up with the DD account when I came back from exile in March.
Anyway, I made two final tables on Bodog and PokerStars this weekend. The Bodog Final table was the 11:30PM Turbo...I didn't do well but still finished with a 100 bucks. The Stars Final Table was the 3$ re buy that starts at 8:00PM ET. 8 hours later I got knocked out 7th. I made a 700 dollar prize but it's tough looking at the 1 of the 2 players that sucked out on you at the final table go on to win the fucker. over 5K.....for first prize. That would have been a nice way to go on a break while the wife and I welcome a new edition to the family! I reallllllllllly wanted to play in M.A.T.H. tonight. Maybe someone could transfer the buy-in which I will promptly send back in 1-3 business days!?

edit : I'm back as of tonight! Thanks to Bdidde for the transfer....transfer back at ya sir!



Anonymous said...

My mate had a problem with FT when he opened an account with rakeback which he asked them to close fully. A few months down the road they then basically accussed him of multi-accounting and froze his funds! Thankfully it was resolved but I've been weary of FT since, which is a shame as I like what they are doing there.

PokahDave said...

Yeah, they have some weird 5-day policy when responding to people who've had rakeback accounts. I thought I cancelled my old one. Then rejoined later with rakeback. Last week I was basically high'n'dry. I felt like I had no control and I REALLY wanted to play on Full Tilt for FTOPS. I just can't be confident in FTP anymore....I was sooooooo pissed off last week. I'm still getting responses from the other 20 emails that I sent to them in disgust....