Monday, May 05, 2008


Celtics won their series against the Hawks.....barely....I didn't watch a single game from the series....I guess I'm just not much of a basketball fan. Unless they go to the finals that is...but how likely is that?

Are the Patriots going back to the super bowl this year? Looking at their schedule I would say "yes". Will they win the super bowl this year....I would say "yes".

The Red Sox are going to win the world series again this year! You heard it here first and definitely not last.

I won more in a Push fest last week in 20 minutes then I would have if I played for 3 hours in the Mookie....I think top 8 started at 60 or something. There is something really wrong with that...but yet really right.

My daughter turned 3 years old today....she was born on 05-05-05 (such a cool birth date). She also sprained her ankle yesterday at my parents house. She was imitating her old cousin by jumping off a chair...ouch My next daughter will be born within the next 3 and a half weeks. Time to build that moat with alligators and piranhas around the house!!!

I am playing M.A.T.H. tonight and I will not chop! UNLESS OF COURSE I HAVE NO FUCKING CHOICE!!!!

I watched a lot of the last heads up championship on Sunday. It must be nice to be Orel Hersheiser....I mean....You get to the top of one profession (because you are the best) and then because you have tons 'o money you can get into one of the top tournaments in another profession (and get a poker site deal to boot?....Boris Becker et al). Then you get tons of acclaim (everybody kisses your ass) and go on to cash one of the top spots on national TV. Must be nice......

The Bodog 5K is a secret no longer......I even made a final table and placed 4th last week!

I love the BBT...and everything that surrounds it. I'm glad I will be able to play most of the tournament the rest of the way (unlike the whole first month). The newborn baby will arrive 1-2 weeks before the TOC so fear not ( I know most have no fear of playing me!)....I will be playing.

I have no idea most of my biggest tournament wins have been 6-max NLHE....but I should be exploring that more in depth!

The wife knows there is a sliver of a possibility that I could win a seat into the WSOP ME.......and said that I would have to go if I did everybody else. Lets face it...I know my chances are slim at BEST...but with a family like mine....I could go if given the chance.


$mokkee said...

Patriots ?


Red Sox ?


Celtics ?



hellmuthaphuckin yeh !

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